VAG Retailers – The Clock is Ticking!

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The clock is ticking 

Do you use MLM? If the answer is yes, you need to act now. Cox Automotive is withdrawing the MLM product and the Manheim Hub on the 31st December 2017. Any Volkswagen dealer still using MLM needs to take action now to ensure an alternative system is in place and working before the end of the year.

Control the sales process

enquiryMAX lead management is designed with retailers in mind, providing total control and transparency of dealership enquiries with a focus on active sales opportunities. This easy to use system removes the need for paper based leads, supports a structured sales process and reduces lost opportunities – dealerships that have implemented our platform have seen enquiry capture rates increase by 30%.

As an approved Volkswagen Group supplier we have a dedicated team in place to ensure a smooth transition to our system. If you need to make a change and want more information, speak to the team today.

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