An update on GDPR system changes

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It is now only six weeks until the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect. All automotive retailers will be working to ensure they are compliant with this regulation and enquiryMAX will be making changes to the system to assist with this compliance.

The main changes will be in the customer consent area. The changes will allow retailers to configure enquiryMAX to allow the following,
– Separate consents for OEM and Retailers
– Multiple consent ‘topics’ to allow customers to consent to different parts of your business
– All consents linked through to a version controlled privacy notice
– All methods of consent logged
– Previous consents date/time stamped alongside privacy notice version
– New Suppression and Profiling flags for all customers

gdpr consent - new design

We will be holding webinars for all our customers to join over the next couple of weeks. Please keep an eye out for when these will be happening. This will be an opportunity to see all the changes we will be making not only to the consent area, but also around the new consumer rights.

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