10 Reasons why tech enthusiasts should join enquiryMAX in Leeds

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If you are a recent Computer Science Graduate, a Junior Software Developer or someone who is really passionate about technology looking for your next opportunity, then Leeds is one of the best Cities to be in right now. The tech scene is growing tremendously here, and one company that is thriving in this sector is enquiryMAX. enquiryMAX provide leading automotive retail software to individual dealerships, dealer groups and manufacturers and due to continued success, they are growing their team in Leeds City Centre! Right now they have an opportunity for a Software Developer to join them, but there will also be multiple technical opportunities across other departments available over the next 12 months too!

While enquiryMAX might not be a company name you have heard of before, they are a company doing some very exciting things in their industry. We caught up with two enquiryMAX employees, Katie Mills (Software Developer) and Thomas Owens (Test Analyst) to find out about their experience of joining the enquiryMAX team.

Below are just 8 reasons why you should consider enquiryMAX for your next job role!

They will consider all experience levels

Years of experience are not essential to start your career with enquiryMAX, in fact they have a number of success stories where they have nurtured and developed junior employees in house by allowing them to learn new technologies, hone their skills working with the enquiryMAX software and ultimately progress within the company. If you have had some commercial experience using C# (even just a year in industry in your University degree) then it’s worth checking out their software developer vacancy. Katie said:

“I was studying Computer Science at the University of York before I joined, this was my first role out of Uni (except for the year in industry I did with my course), and I actually interviewed for this job one week after my graduation!”
Katie Mills

You’ll develop your career

We mentioned that enquiryMAX will consider all experience levels, and this is largely because they encourage individuals to find the areas of technology that they are passionate about to allow them to progress within the company. Thomas said:

“I didn’t join as a test analyst I actually joined as a support analyst – enquiryMAX were looking for someone a little more senior than my skillset allowed for at the time, but they saw something in me that they wanted to bring out and progress. I joined as a support analyst, developed my skills and learnt the system thoroughly before progressing towards a test analyst role. A lot of people at enquiryMAX start in a junior role and move up the ranks. They are keen to help people within the organisation progress and there is a real willingness to develop the skills of their employees, so if you join you won’t be sitting still, and you’ll soon be able to take on more responsibility.”
Thomas Owens

enquiryMAX’s new Leeds Offices

You’ll have the ability to make an impact

While they have experienced continued growth at enquiryMAX, they haven’t lost that small company feel and every single employee here makes a difference to their success. They look to attract people who are passionate about tech who want to get stuck in from day one. Katie said:

“It’s a nice company size where you aren’t just a cog in the process but it’s big enough for there to actually be a process still! Here you are seen as an individual. Everyone is different, so if there is something else that you are interested in for your job then chances are you will have an opportunity to gain exposure to that. My role has evolved naturally as I have got more experience and I really enjoy it, it’s nice to have a bit more responsibility and to make a real difference!”
Katie Mills

You won’t be bored

There is nothing worse than clock watching and getting bored of the same old tasks in work, so luckily technical employees at enquiryMAX will get to work on a range of projects to keep the days interesting. Thomas said:

“Every day is different – no two days are the same. That’s just the reality of developing new things that people are always going to use – you are always constantly maintaining one system while developing something new. I’ve always said you should prioritise a good working environment over anything else and I think we have definitely got that here. I’ve never had a day where I haven’t looked forward to coming in to the office!”
Thomas Owens

You’ll be working with interesting tech

The technology that you use on a daily basis can be a deciding factor when choosing a job role, especially if you are a software developer, so enquiryMAX have invested into the technology that their employees use. We spoke to Katie about the tech she works with:

“The system is mostly within C# and we also use MySQL for the database. The web pages themselves are in a combination of ASPX (for the older pages) as well as AngularJS and jQuery. There’s quite a mix in there but C# is the crucial skill you’ll need to have to join here as a Developer.”
Katie Mills

You’ll work with great people

The people you work with are a big part of any job, and enquiryMAX employ a team of friendly people who are passionate about what they do and who all get along like one big family. We asked Thomas and Katie about the people they work with:

“I think the people here are all fun to work with and you naturally make a lot of friends in work. The environment we generate is one of communal enjoyment in what we do but then enjoyment outside of that work as well. We recognise that we are building something quite unique and special, and we all want to be a part of it together.”
Thomas Owens

“It’s a pretty relaxed company, everyone gets on with everyone else which is great. There are no barriers between departments, so if you need to talk to someone you just go and talk to them. It’s not hard to know everyone else, and everyone at enquiryMAX except for the sales guys are based here.”
Katie Mills

Cool perks and social activities

Fun perks and social activities can be the cherry on top of a great job and it’s something that enquiryMAX have recognised as important. Their perks include everything from fresh fruit in the office, your birthdays off work, long service / loyalty based awards, relaxed dress code and more! Thomas said:

“We have an employee Perkbox subscription here so you can get things including free phone insurance and free coffees every month. You can get also small discounts at certain places like shops or restaurants, and little perks like that are nice to have. We also have a nice social environment here, and the company arranges quarterly social events with activities like go karting which is really fun.”
Thomas Owens

You’ll join a relaxed working environment with flexible hours

The best jobs are the ones that challenge you but don’t really feel like “work”, so enquiryMAX have created an environment and culture where employees genuinely enjoy coming to work every day. As well as creating a relaxed and enjoyable working environment, there is also an element of flexible working available allowing employees to start later or finish earlier than the standard 9-5. Katie said:

“The perks I enjoy the most are the respectable hours working hours and that we dress casually. It’s not a formal office environment, you can just talk to people really easily. The hours are relatively flexible, it just depends what time you start (as long as between 8am-9.30am). You don’t have to pre-plan and tell people what time you are starting so it’s really good if you have plans and want to leave early to meet friends etc.“
Katie Mills

To find out about the latest opportunities at enquiryMAX visit their careers hub or click on their website.

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